Bringing Clarity to organizations, teams and individuals.

Organizations want results, teams want to make a positive impact, and people want to do good work and achieve success. The downfall for most organizations, teams, and individuals in accomplishing these objectives is not lack of intelligence or resources, but rather the absence of clear goals, roles, and processes. We help navigate the crucial conversations, and equip you with the tools that will allow you to do what you do best. Most of us spend the majority of our waking hours at work—we at Clarity Consulting believe that when that work is fulfilling and fun, everyone wins.


We believe organizations want to do work that matters and create an environment in which their employees can do their best work.  It is not always that simple or easy.  That is where we come in! Co-creating vision, mission, values, strategy and culture to achieve business goals through individual and team performance.

We provide management and leadership training to provide both newly promoted supervisor and senior executives with the skills to set goals, deliver feedback, hold people accountable and reward results.

We also work with organizations to create the most effective organizational structure to achieve business goals for both periods of growth; downsizing or reallocation of resources due to changing market or customer needs.


Work gets done in teams. We know what makes teams work. There are straightforward elements to high performing teams that we can ensure you have in place.

We can help you set teams up for success as well as provide you with the skills and tools to onboard new team members, facilitate effective team meetings, encourage constructive conflict, manage projects and leverage the strengths of your team.



What we know is individuals achieve their success through their innate strengths. We help them leverage strengths and develop complementary skills to address areas for development.

Our typical coaching clients are rising stars, newly promoted individuals  – what got them to this level in the organization will not ensure success in the new role – and leaders who struggle because of style, not performance – typically the “soft skills”.

 You know your business. We know people.

We are focused on the intersection of people and business.  We believe in practical straightforward strategies to leverage the talent in your organization to meet your business goals.